Update CyanogenMod 13 with an integrated SD-Card

In this post I’ll discuss, how to update a CyanogenMod version, when you have integrated your external SD-Card as internal storage.

For this method you must have a custom recovery installed. Because I have only CWM (ClockWorkMod) installed, I will only explain it for CWM, but it should be very similar for other recoveries, too. Also you must have usb debugging enabled and your phone connected to your pc with a normal data cable. Furthermore you must have adb on your pc installed.

As discussed in a previous post, with Android 6 in general and with CyanogenMod 13 in detail, you can integrate your external SD-Card as internal storage. The problem with this option is that if you want to install a new version of CyanogenMod or at least update it, you can’t really do it the convenient way.

For CWM the process is the following:

  • First boot into recovery mode,
  • after this choose the option to “install a zip”.
  • The thing you normally would do next would be choosing to install from internal storage or the sd-card.
    When you have integrated your sd-card, this options won’t work, so
  • you want to choose “install from sideload”.
  • Now open your command line and type in
    adb sideload <path>
  • where you would replace “<path>” with the path to your zip file, you wanna install.

And you’re done!

Hope it was helpful.

David Holland


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